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These tutorials are copyrighted to Kaye @ Kaye’z Designz. You may print them out for personal use but do not post to any site or distribute as your own. Any resemblance to others online is purely coincidental.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy 4th

2010 06 28a Happy 4th 01b

This tutorial is copyrighted to Kaye @ Kaye'z Designz. You may print out for personal use but do not post to any site or distribute as your own. Any resemblance to others online is purely coincidental.
Supplies Needed: Paint Shop Pro any version, I used X3. You can get it from COREL. Tube of choice. I used one by Ed Mironiuk, which can be purchased at CILM. You may use your own color, gradient or pattern, I used Nanson’s gradient mqc Flag. Font of choice, I used Burlesque. Plugins Needed: Xenofex 2 / Constellation and AS’s Insert Image Effect / Rotate. Notes: Open round flag in PSP, add the gradient to your My PSP Files folder or where ever you store your gradients. Open font and minimize to task bar. SAVE OFTEN.

    STEP 1  Open new canvas 500 X 500, Resolution 72.0. Flood Fill with color, gradient or pattern of choice. I used black. Name this layer BG.

    STEP 2  Add a New Layer. Flood Fill with gradient of choice. I used Nanson’s mqc Flag.  Resize layer 95%. Apply Effects / Geometric Effects / Circle: check Transparent. Apply Effects / Distortion Effects / Wave: 40, 75, 65, 2, Wrap. Apply Effects / Geometric Effects / Circle: check Transparent. Give the circle a Drop Shadow: 1, -1, 100, 1, #0000FF. Add another Drop Shadow; -1, 1, 100, 1, #FF0000. Name layer circles.

    STEP 3  On same layer using the Deform Tool with Rulers on, Resize circle to 250 X 250. Move to upper left corner. Apply Simple Filter / Top Left Mirror.

STEP 4  Copy and Paste round USA flag as New Layer. Resize 90%.

    STEP 5  Copy and Paste tube of choice. Resize if necessary. Add Drop Shadow: 3, 3, 65, 8, Black. Name this layer tube.

    STEP 6  Grab your Text Tool with font and size of choice. I used Burlesque, Vector, Size 50, Bold, Stroke of choice, for Fill I used Nanson’s mqc Flag. Type your text. Add Inner Bevel of choice. Add Drop Shadow of choice. Name this layer text.

    STEP 7  Resize tag for group requirements. Add your watermark And artist’s copyrights making sure it is legible.

    STEP 8  Save as .pspimage to retain layers for future changes. Save as .jpg using Jpeg Optimizer to send thru group. If you wish to animate continue.


    STEP 1  Open Animation Shop click on the Propagate Paste icon. From PSP Copy and Paste the round flag into AS as New Animation.

    STEP 2  Go to Effects / Insert Image Effects / Rotate with these settings: Start with Animation Frame, Length 1.5, Frames per Second 6 fps, total of 9 frames. Click on Customize: 360, Canvas Color. Delete frame 1, Select All, minimize for now.

    STEP 3  In PSP activate the circles layer, Duplicate 2 times for a total of 3 circles layers.
    Activate bottom circles layer and go to Effects / Plugins / Alien Skin Xenofex 2 / Constellation: 2, 50, 50, 0, 100, 75, 45, Keep Original Image, Random Seed - Whatever is there.
    Move up to next circles layer and apply same effect but hit the Random Seed once. Do the same for top circle layer.

    STEP 4  Close off all layers except the BG layer and bottom circles layer. Copy Merged and in AS Paste as New Animation.
    Back in PSP close bottom circles layer and open next circles layer. Copy Merged and in AS Paste after Current Frame. Do the same for the top circles layer.

    STEP 5  In AS Select All 3 frames and Copy. Click on frame 3 and Paste after Current Frame. Click on frame 6 and Paste after Current Frame. You should have 9 frames. Go back to frame 1 and Select All, Copy.

    STEP 6  Maximize the rotating flag that you minimized earlier. Make sure all frames are still selected. Copy / Paste into Current Frame (Ctrl + E).

    STEP 7  Back in PSP open all layers and then close off BG layer, 3 circles layers and the flag layer. Copy Merged and in AS Paste as New Animation. Copy then on animation with black bg, circles layers and rotating flag Paste into Selected Frames. View Animation. I changed Frame Properties to 25 as it was too fast for me.

    STEP 8  Save as .gif file with these settings: Slider all the way at top for Better Quality. Under Colors tab: 255 colors, Optimized Octree, Error Diffusion. Under Optimizations tab: Check Write minimal frames and Map Identical Pixels other boxes should be unchecked.

All done! I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial and that it made sense. Remember this is just a guide. Experiment using different colors, gradients or patterns, images and settings. Any questions you can reach me at This tutorial was written 6/28/10 by Kaye'z Designz.

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